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What is International Literature?

two categories: 1.books that were originally published outside the U.S. (and translated if written in another language) 2.are books that set in other countries other than the U.S., but published in English by North American authors.


Root Country?

the country from which some American children's ancestors originally came.


What is primary purpose for all international books?

To tell a compelling story. (children are given opportunity to read books published around the world)


Difficulties of trying to get international Literature?

-less than 1% of books published in the U.S. originally where published outside of it.
-The U.S. is strict with what is appropriate for children
-vocabulary differences and translation
-is the book wroth the financial risk is an increasing factor in books being published
-few editors are read multiple languages


Award given to the publishers for best translated book

Mildred Batchelder Award


Issues related to international literature

-Access (getting the book to audience)
-Balance (understanding that not one book can represent a country & some books don't provide the contemporary p.o.v. needed to visualize their world today)
-Relevance (will children be able to comprehend the literature and it's foreign contents-if any?)


Criteria For evaluating International Literature

-Intended Audience


What are two questions teachers should consider?

-is the book geared specifically toward readers in the book's country of origin, or does it make the transition to a broader audience outside of that country?
-Who will be able to empathize and identify with the story?


What are things the translator must consider?

-creating a flow in the translated language, despite differences in the sentence structures of the two languages.
-balancing the amount of "foreign" information to maintain readability and reader attention while retaining the unique details that make the work authentic
-explaining foreign situations that are unknown to readers while maintaining the peace of the original text


major Authors and Illustrators of international literature?

-Mitsumasa Anno
-Ana Maria Machado
-Beverly Naidoo (wrote Journey to Jo'burg: A South African Story; Chain of Fire; The Other Side of Truth; Web of Lies; Baba's Gift


Awards for international LIterature

-The Hans Christian Anderson Award (honors authors who have made a significant contribution to children's literature)
-The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (has the highest monetary award ($) an organization, author, illustrator, etc can receive so long as they are promoting reading.
-The Mildred Batchelder Award (given to those who promote international exchange of books for young people)
-The White Ravens Award (universal theme and exceptional or innovative artistic and literary style and design)
-Outstanding International Books for Children (top 25 most outstanding books)