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Qualifications for the Choral Conductor based on the article "On Being a Choral Conductor"

1. Know the score thoroughly
2.Acquire the skill to speak precisely and inspirationally
3. Develop the ability to hear
4. Be a thoroughly trained musician
5. Acquire skill on an instrument
6. Develop a trained mind
7. Attain good physical coordination
8. Contain a musical imagination
9. Recognize the composer's rights
10. Be open minded to new ideas


Qualifications for the Choral conductor based on the book "In Quest for Answers"

1. The conductor must be able to communicate and inspire.
2. The ideal conductor has a thorough understanding of musical style and a keen insight into interpersonal relationships.
3.The Conductor should have musicianship, intelligence, a passion to communicate, and an understanding of how people learn.
4. One must be able to analyze a score, to hear it, to know how the piece is put together.
5. A conductor needs a vital personality and a zeal for hard work. A love for people and music, and an inner, honest sensitivity to all kinds of feelings.
6. Never stop growing and learning.


Characteristics for good communication

Be assertive but not hostile
Good teaching is similar to acting and that helps with communication
An effective good communicator stays from mannerisms as repeatedly saying "you know" or "okay"
Speak clearly, precisely, and loudly enough to be heard by all ensemble members.
Must have good eye contact
Must have a love of music to be a good communicator.


The things to look for in Choral Error Detection

Balance, Blend, Tempo, Dynamic, Style, Ensemble, Intonation, Rhythm


How does the conductor prepare for a rehearsal?

Plan the rehearsal (study the works that will be done in a rehearsal, warm ups and sightsinging to work on technique that will help sing the songs planned for rehearsal), prepare the accompanist (give the music to the accompanist in advance of rehearsal so that they can study the part), select an efficient librarian, and planned with consideration for the approximate amount of time that will be spent on each work.


How does the conductor organize the rehearsal l?

Music in folders, works that will be worked on during rehearsal in numerical order so that they will be set to move in a rehearsal. Make sure the necessary equipment is in the room before the rehearsal, assign each section leader to take role in their section so the conductor can be able to concentrate on the music


How does a conductor plan warm ups?

Plan a warm up that will allow the vocals to be loosened up in order to sing the material for the rehearsal.


What is the commonly recognized goal of Choral rehearsals

The concert appearance


The concert reflects the conductor's ___________

Musicianship, musical tastes, knowledge of repertoire and style, understanding the human voice, understanding of people, and abilities as a rehearsal technician.


Preparation for rehearsal begins with __________



What is one way that a Choral conductor in order to gain experience?

Listen to other ensembles and learning from others.


Give examples of a great rehearsal environment

Good acoustics, lighting, seating, and temperature control.


Give examples of great visual aids that helps with rehearsals.

Bulletin boards, chalkboards


Why are visual aids necessary?

Announcements, reminders, publicity, listing the rehearsal order, and explanations.