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Who was the “sun King?”

Louise the 14th XIV


How long did the Sun King rule France?

72 years


In the age of absolute monarchs, why did the Sun King set himself apart?

He saw himself as the center of the universe, french life and all culture.


How did he get the nickname “sun king?”

he named himself


What does how he got the nick name tell you about Louis XIV?

arrogant and self centered. Full of himself


What did Louis XIV phrase “Etat c'est moi” mean?

I am the nation


What does Etat c'est moi tell you about Louis XIV

He felt that France was nothing without him.


Where did Louis XIV live?

He built a huge palace called Versailles where all nobles lived with him.


How did Louis XIV expect the nobles to treat him?

They had no power, other than what he gave them. Those in the 'in' group were invited to watch him get up, eat, go to bed etc.


What did nobles have to learn?

Louis XIV made the nobles take ballet lessons so they could be graceful around him.


How did Louis XIV govern the country?

There was no government, he had a few advisors, but his word was law


Why did Louis XIV get himself involved in wars?

So he could expand French territory and promote his own interests.


How did the wars against the Dutch in the 1660s affect France?

The bank $$ was depleted but they did gain a bit of land


What was Louis XIV's relationship with the Catholic Church?

He told them he had special rights within the church


How did Louis XIV treat Calvinist Protestants?

He masacrared Protestants causing a huge decline in population in some areas of France.


Why did the attacks on protestants affect the economy?

Many of the Protestants were business people and entrepreneurs


What were protestants called in France?



How big was the deficit (the difference between income and expenditures) during Louis XIV reign?

He spent twice as much as the country had in income


How old was Louis XV when he became king?

5 years old when his grandfather Louis XIV died

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