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Connected: Intent

“To connect is defined as to ‘bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established’” Explores relationship with sculpture and movement to make social comments on human connection.

Act 1 - multiple ways of connecting (movement and symbolism) = irony of our definition of connectivity

Act 2 - experience of being disconnected (characterisation of dancers) = mankinds desire to connect, rely on technology


Chunky Move: Significant people

Founder: Gideon Obarzanek
Artistic Director: Anouk Van Dijk


Chunky Move: Founded where and when

Melbourne, 1995


Chunky Move: The dancers role in the company

They are contracted part time dancers.


Name 4 other works and their years by chunky move

1. Aorta
2. Complexity of Belonging
3. Glow
4. Mortal Engine


Chunky Move: Mission Statement and how

Chunky Move constantly seeks to redefine what is or what can be contemporary Dance within the ‘ever-evolving’ Australian Culture

‘Next step’ program for youth
develops solo artists to contribute to unique works
Manipulate media and installation


What is extending the boundaries?

The development of choreographic ideas to create unique dance work with personal style. Students analyse critically and evaluate the relationship between dance works, audiences and context.

1. Fusion of dance styles
2. Innovative technology
3. Confronting/challenging themes


Chunky Move: Contribution to extend the boundaries

Fusion of dance styles
Technology: Media and installation


Chunky Move: Tour

National and international
Australia, NZ, Asia and Europe


Chunky Move: Awards

1. Best Dance work for GLOW
2. Best visuals for Mortal Engine


Connected: Performance Details

2011, Merlyn Theatre

Collaborations between previous Artistic Director: Gideon Obarzanek and Californian Artist: Rueben Margolin


Connected: Intent - Sculpture

Rueben Margolin in collaboration
20th Century style from what its made out of (recycled paper, plastic, magnets, wood, steel that is suspended via hundreds of fine strings)
Kinetic art = it moves
Takes up majority of stage, stagnant stage piece with a wheel and pulley
1st half: dancers control 2nd half: sculpture controls
“Taken something old (sculpture) and modernised it by attaching the dancers”


Connected: Choreography 1

Act 1, Section 2 explores real connection, conveying notional ideas about literal connection within human relationships.

Body, Energy

(Duo = male and female)


Connected: Choreography 2

Act 1, Section 3 explores concept of connection in its literal and notional forms

Body and space

(Harnessed to the sculpture)

“Are we controlling technology or is it controlling us?”


Connected: Choreography 3

Act 2, Section 4 explores how modern society has minimised the importance of real, social connection.

Characterisation, monologue and pedestrian movement

Audiences are transported to a banal section. This is in contrast to the energetic and physical freedom evident in the first act.


Connected: Design 1

Motif to reflect ideas of connection: both literally and notionally.

Costume, lighting and sculpture set piece

1. Costume (black/white: netted=grid)
2. Lighting (cold blue wash/white pools of light =grid pattern)
3. Sculpture itself and projection of shadows