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What was the first formal Catholic Church in Australia?

It was opened around 1820 when the Catholic priests Fathers Therry and Connolly arrived. This marked the beginning of regular Catholic worship in Australia.


Who were the first Catholics that came to Australia?

Irish convicts.


Who were fathers therry and Connolly?

They arrived in Australia in 1820 and begun regular Catholic worship. They started small schools that were first staffed by untrained lay people. It was the beginning of Catholic education in Australia.


When were the churches being built in Australia?

By 1830


When were there bishops in many states of Australia?

By 1861


Why were the first Catholic church leaders in Australia?

Father Dixon, Therry and Connolly.


Who was the first Australian bishop?

John Bede Polding


When did archbishop Vaughan arrive in Australia? What was he known as?

He arrived in 1873 and is referred to as the architect of catholic education in Australia.


What did archbishop Vaughan do?

He acted as coadjutor to Polding and replaced Polding when he died, becoming archbishop of Sydney. He believed that for Catholicism to have a space in Australia it had to have prominent, beautiful places for worshiping and education. He opened churches and schools and died at 49.


Who was cardinal Moran?

He was the archbishop of Sydney after Vaughan. He was made cardinal by pope Leo xIII after less than a year.


What did cardinal Moran do?

He sought integration between Catholics and the rest of Australian society. He was optically active in the Labour Party. He believed in beautiful homes and churches for bishops. He built St Patrick's cathedral and spoke for Australian federation in 1895.


When was the second Vatican council held?

In the 2nd half of the 20th century between 1962 and 1965.


Who opened the 2nd Vatican council?

Pope John XXIII.


What were some changes brought by the second Vatican council?

No one would be forced to be Christian, all religions were accepted, focus would be on education, people had the responsibility for teaching the Christian message, mass would not be in Latin anymore but the language of the people, people were described as people of God


What were the education acts and what did they state?

They marked the beginning of education in Australia. They stated that schools must be secular, free and compulsory.


What does compulsory mean?

A school free of charge


What does compulsory mean?

You must take part in school for a certain period of time


What does secular mean?

The education was not associated with religion or the church.