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Why didn't Churchill object to a Nationalist Dictatorship in Germany?

Because he respected Mussolini in Italy


Give 4 reasons why Churchill strongly objected to German rearmament

-Germany's regime was violent and racist
-Germany threatened the peace of Europe
-Churchill was a member of government when the Treat of Versailles was established
-Germany was building an air force which Churchill recognised the threat of


Give 3 criticisms of Churchill's need for British rearmament

-Churchill was partially responsible for British disarmament in the 1920s and the 10 Year Rule
-Worldwide economic crisis
-People thought it reasonable that Germany should build up their defences as France had a huge miltary and the Soviet Union were a threat


Did Churchill support or object to negotiating with Hitler on peaceful terms?



When was the Locarno Pact established and what were its terms?

1925 - An agreement between France, Britain, Italy and Germany guaranteeing Germany's western frontiers


Why were Britain reluctant to maintain their force?

Because public opinion and the economic crisis objected to this


What was Britain's original reason for disarming?

Believed the Locarno Pact and the League of Nations would prevent conflict


Why couldn't Britain use old machinery to fight Germany?

Because it was outdated and they didn't have the money to upgrade them


When did Hitler reintroduce conscription?



When was the Rhinelandd remilitarised?



Why were the League of Nations unable to act against Germany?

Because Germany had left the League of Nations in 1933 so they had no power over Germany


When was the Anglo-German Naval Treaty established and what were its terms?

1935 - British approval of the German development of their fleet, provided it was limited to 35% of British fleet


What were Chamberlain's views?

He supported appeasement however still wanted to build up British defences incase this failed


What is collective security?

All states are united and if one state threatens another, it threatens all


When was Austria annexed by Germany?



How did Chamberlain respond to the situation?

Flew to see Hitler and made an agreement


What was the Pact of Steel?

Alliance between Germany and Italy


When was the Polish Guarantee established and what were its terms?

1939 - If Polish independence was threatened Britain would provide military aid


What was Churchill's attitude to Germany?

Didn't want Britain to stay out of it however didn't want Czechoslovakia to make concessions to Hitler


Give 6 criticisms of Churchill's view regarding his attitude to Britain and Germany?

-Britain had little to no allies
-Had no troops (maintaining peace in Europe)
-War would allow Italy and Japan to take advantage of Britain's vulnerability
-Couldn't trust Stalin
-Smaller nations in Europe wouldn't have been militarily effective and were more concerned with the threat of the Soviet Union
-Churchill expressed support of the League of Nations which was virtually inactive


When was the Munich agreement established and what were its terms?

1938 - Permission for Germany to annex parts of Czechoslovakia


When was the invasion of Poland?

September 1939


What was Britain's reaction to the invasion of Poland?

Gave Germany an ultimatum, however when this expired they declared war