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What is a Hypervisor?

Hypervisor is an operating system that hosts multiple instances of other operating systems


What Hypervisor are supported in Xendesktop?

citrix XenServer, VMware ESX, and Microsoft Hyper-V.


What is a Database, and what Database does Xendesktop use?

Microsoft SQL Server, The database is sometimes referred to as the data store. Almost everything in XenDesktop is database driven, and the SQL database holds all state information in addition to the session and configuration information.


What is the Delivery Controller?

The Delivery Controller distributes desktops and applications, manages user access, and optimizes connections to applications. Each Site has one or more Delivery Controllers.


What is Studio ?

Studio is the management console that enables you to configure and manage your XenDesktop and XenApp deployment, eliminating the need for two separate management consoles to manage the delivery of desktops and applications.


what is Director?

Director is used to monitor and troubleshoot the XenDesktop deployment. ( Used by the help desk)


What is StoreFront?

StoreFront authenticates users to Site(s) hosting the XenApp and XenDesktop resources and manages the stores of desktops and applications that users access


What is a Virtual machines?

A virtual machine (VM) is a software-implemented version of the hardware


What is the The Virtual Desktop Agent?

The Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) has to be installed on the VM to which users will connect. It enables the machines to register with controllers and manages the ICA/HDX connection between the machines and the user devices. The VDA is installed on the desktop operating system VM, such as Windows 7 or Windows 8, which is served to the client.The VDA maintains a heartbeat with the Delivery Controller, updates policies, and registers the controllers with the Delivery Controller.


What is Server OS machines?

VMs or physical machines based on the Windows Server operating system are used to deliver applications or host shared desktops to users.


What is Desktop OS machines?

VMs or physical machines based on the Windows desktop operating system are used to deliver personalized desktops to users or applications from desktop operating systems.


What is XenApp?

Citrix XenApp is an on-demand application delivery solution that enables any Windows application to be virtualized, centralized, and managed in the data center and instantly delivered as a service


What is Edgesight?

Citrix Edgesight is a performance and availability management solution for XenDesktop, XenApp, and endpoint systems. Edgesight monitors applications, devices, sessions, license usage, and the network in real time. Edgesight will be phased out as a product.


What is FlexCast?

FlexCast allows you to deliver virtual desktops and applications according to the needs of diverse performance, security, and flexibility requirements of every type of user in your organization.


What is Storage?

Storage is managed by the Hypervisor, such as Citrix XenServer. There is a personalization feature to store personal data from virtual desktops called the Personal vDisk (PvD).


What is the Citrix Receiver?

is a universal software client that provides a secure, high-performance delivery of virtual desktops and applications to any device anywhere


What does the TCP do?

License Manager Daemon -