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Name 10 outside clan lab indicators

- chemical odours
- exhaust fans running at odd times
- frequent visitors at odd hours
- windows blackened out or curtains always drawn
- people coming outside only to smoke
- occupants unfriendly, appear secretive about their activities, exhibit paranoid or odd behaviour
- expensive security and surveillance gear
- access denied to landlords, neighbours, other visitors
- rubbish containing a large amount of cold medication containers or packaging
- also bottles, plastic containers and boxes with labels removed


Name 6 inside clan lab indicators

- laboratory glassware, equipment and documents
- containers with clear liquids in them with a chalky coloured solid on the bottom or similar
- containers with two layered liquids in them, one dark coloured and one clear or pale yellow
- used coffee filters containing either a white pasty or reddish brown substance
- baking dishes or similar containing white crystalline substance
- the presence of hot plates near chemicals


What are the three types of clan lab?

- extraction
- conversion
- synthesis

These could all be in the one site


What are the symptoms of exposure to a clan lab?

- headaches
- watery or burning eyes
- nausea
- burning skin
- choking or coughing
- pain in diaphragm
- feeling of coldness or weakness
- shortness of breath and/or dizziness
- decrease in cognitive function, vertigo and convulsions


Safety considerations in a clan lab

• Leave the area immediately, your safety is paramount.
• Never touch, taste or smell any chemicals or equipment.
• Do not attempt to stop the chemical reaction, or turn any electrical devices such as lights or fans on or off. The simple act of turning on an electrical switch may cause an explosion.
• Do not shut off the water supply to the house or the chemical reaction.
• Do not smoke in or near a Clandestine Laboratory.
• Do not use tools, radios, cellphones, torches or devices that produce
sparks or friction.
• Do not re-enter the premises.


What is the 90 second rule?

This rule assumes that is offenders are present and moving inside the laboratory then the atmosphere will sustain life. It assumes that the initial entry team (wearing the minimum level of personal protective equipment) may safely enter and extract suspects for a period of up to 90 seconds


Initial action for children located in clan lab, immediate action at the scene

Immediate action:
- remove CYP from scene
- assign officer to look after and monitor CYP
- request CYFS attendance at the scene
- distribute PPE to CYFS staff and decon kit for CYP
- photograph CYP at scene
- record physical condition of CYP including injuries stand mental state
- consideration given to swabbing CYP for chemical residue (search warrant permitting)
- secure clothing worn by CYP as an exhibit


Prelimary interview with a CYP found in a clan lab

- Basic health questions; headaches, nausea, breathing problems, dizziness, tiredness etc
- occupants details
- sleeping arrangements
- playing and eating areas
- school details
- doctors name
- knowledge of drugs, manufacturing, dealing activities


Follow up action relating to a CYP found in a clan lab

- give priority to locating any CYP absent from the address at the time of police intervention
- ensure that any CYP exposed to clan lab is checked by a doctor ASAP and within 72 hours
- ensure medical exam has been done and evidential hair blood or urine samples taken
- ensure completed toxicology kit is collected from doctor and forwarded to ESR with pol143
- ensure clothing worn by CYP and removed by CYFS for decon is secured as an exhibit together with the record made by CYFS
- forward clothes to ESR for analysis
- liaise with CYFS as to whether evidential l interview with CYP is required


Initial action on unplanned entry to clan lab

- immediately remove persons of interest
- isolate site - safe perimeter
- preserve the crime scene
- notify duty inspector/NCO, contact NCLRT, where appropriate contact fire and ambo
- seek advice re decontamination
- separate occupants and staff who have entered from those who haven't until decontamination complete
- seek medical advice if you show adverse symptoms


What is the minimum safet equipment required for initial entry team in a clan lab?

- flame retardant overalls
- chemical and flame resistant coveralls
- boots
- fire resistant gloves
- balaclava
- APRs with air filters (air purifying respirators)