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404(q) dispute resolution process from EPA perspective

- "May affect" letter within PN comment period
- "Will affect" letter w/in 25 days of end of PN period
-NOI to proceed (corps to epa) w/in 5 calendar days prior to issuance of permit
-case elevation
-rvw of Corps decision
-army review
- 404(c) veto process



- EPA MOA w/ Corps minimizing the permitting issuance delays
- includes dispute resolution process



Aquatic Resource of National Importance
- a resource-based threshold used to determine whether a dispute between the EPA and the Corps regarding individual permit cases are eligible for evaluation under the 1992 MOA


Factors used in identifying ARNIs

- Economic importance
- Rarity or uniqueness
- Importance to the protection, maintenance, or enhancement of federal water quality