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What is the Quaternary peroid

The past 2.6 million years


How does agriculture cause climate change?

- Emits methane which is 21x worse than CO2
- 20% of all emissions
- 1 cow can produce 50 litres of methane a day
- Cereal crops like rice also produce methane


How do fossil fuels cause climate change?

- 50% of all emissions
- More CO2 is being produced for a higher demand


How does deforestation cause climate change?

- Happens worldwide
- If it continues at the current rate all rain forests will go
- Reduces amount of CO2 photosynthesised
- Burning logs releases CO2


How do alternative energy sources mitigate climate change?

- Solar energy/hydroelectric energy/ wind turbines
- All completely carbon neutral (exp construction)


How does planting trees mitigate climate change?

- Trees absorb CO2 and turn it into O2
- Plantations are 50 years better than well-introduced trees


How does carbon capture and storage mitigate climate change?

- Captures CO2 produced by fossil fuels, especially coal
- Up to 90% can be captured
- It is then transported and stored underground


How do international agreements mitigate climate change?

- Kyoto protocol 2005, 170 countries signed an agreement to reduce emissions by 5.2%
- Kyoto failed as USA didn't sign it
- Funding provided to LICs in 2009
- Keeps emissions to a minimum level


What challenges were the Maldives facing?

- Freshwater contaminated with sea water
- Coastal erosion
- Sea level expected to rise 26-82cm


What challenges were the Himalayas facing?

- Less water is available
- Severe droughts and floods are common


What challenges was Gambia facing?

- Crops more difficult to grow at lower altitudes
- Drought has caused crops to die
- Europe and the US are competing with similar crops


What adaptations are the Maldives making?

- Restore mangrove forests
- Build sea walls, Mary island has built 3 metre high walls to protect Male
- Raise houses off the ground with stilts
- Relocate entire population to Sri Lanka/India


What adaptations are the Himalayas making?

- Using jars to harvest water from their roofs to drink
- Storing glacial water as ice tower, which melt slowly so water is available in the dry summer months


What adaptations is Gambia making?

- Drought resistant strains of crop (GM)
- Educate farmers on water harvesting, like Joheds and ridges in fields to stop runoff
- Use crop rotation to maintain fertile soil
- Plant seedlings under partial shade


How often does Volcanic activity occur?

Every 100 years


How often does precession occur?

Every 26000 years with a wobble of 2-3 degrees


How often does axle tilt occur?

Every 41000 years with a 2-3 degree change


How often does eccentricity occur?

Every 100,000 years


How often do sunspots occur?

Over 11 years


What angle is the Earth's axis currently at?

23.5 degrees


What is precession?

The wobble of the earths axis


What is eccentricity?

The path the Earth takes to orbit the sun


Name 2 international agreements.

1) Kyoto protocol
2) Paris 2015 climate agreement