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What are the 4 functions for clinical delivery model ?



What is the purpose of the investigative function ?

The purpose is to identify individuals w some sort of underlying communication or swallowing disorder who can benefit from some sort of speech/ language / hearing or medical intervention


As part of the investigative function, clinicians also attempt to determine what ?

1. Existence of possible disorder
2. Impact on daily/functional communication in different environments ( Comm. In school vs. work)
3. Specific areas of communication need
4. Current levels of communicative functioning
5. Most appropriate treatment goals


What are the 2 key components of investigative functions ?

1. Establishing contact
2. Collecting information


How do you collect info. for the investigative function ?

Initial intake process: very first contact you have a client. I'm a private clinic it is usually done over the phone
Written case history
Face to face interview
Reports and other relevant documents from outside agencies (IEP's)


In the investigative function, what information is obtained from quantitative & qualitative observations ?

Administration from standardized tests
Non standardized assessment procedures
Speech, language, and conversational sampling
Observational checklist


What is the purpose of the analytical function?

Purpose is to sift thru, sort, evaluate, & classify information in order to identify what exactly the Comm disorder is & rule out what the disorder is not. ( process that leads to a diagnosis)


What are the important steps in carrying out the analytical function ?

1. Ordering &; organization of info. obtained as part of the investigative function
2. Evaluating the info
3. Reaching conclusions


The analytical function organizes, sorts and classifies info so that a meaningful analysis of test results can be obtained thru what ?

1. Test scores
2. Formal & informal descriptive analyses
3. Classification & descriptive analysis of communication & error patterns


In the analytical function, we evaluate info by comparing norms/standards such as what ?

1. Developmental language profiles (browns stages)
2. Normative charts ( type token ratio MLU)
3. Severity index measures (stuttering severity index)


What are the 4 ways to reach a conclusion w the analytical function ?

1. Determining weather or not a problem exists
2. Determining the nature of the problem (label & describe)
3. Determine the level of severity
4. Identifying possible underlying etiology including identifying factors that contribute to and or sustain the condition
5. Coming up with prognosis


What are ways to make recommendations for the analytical function ?

• eligibility for treatment
• most appropriate services
• most appropriate treatment goals
• most appropriate placement/service provider
• referrals to other specialist for additional testing and consultation
• most appropriate language of intervention


What is the purpose of the utilization function?

application of diagnostic information for the purpose of formulating treatment plans


In the utilization function, information is obtained & analyzed from the investigative & analytical function and used to do what ?

• impart findings to others
• implement an appropriate therapy/ intervention program


In the utilization function, impart findings to client/ family members relevant professionals & outside agencies thru what ?

• diagnostic report or other form of correspondence that summarizes findings
• counseling
(Assessment, write report, then meet w the family)


In the utilization function, you implement therapy program using evidence based practice approaches that have what ?

• have scientific support
• are based on existing research in assessment and treatment
• are based on discussions with clients where they have been allowed to make informed decisions that take their own values & perspectives into account


What is the purpose of the accountability function ?

Asses the effectiveness of rehabilitation
(On going assessment, dot his through therapy, may be informal)


How does the accountability function work

Involves re-evaluating information obtained from on going assessment to determine whether or not and when to terminate contact


How does the accountability function re evaluate on an ondiing basis ?

• follow up testing
• benchmark testing
• contemporary methods of evaluation such as RTI (response to intervention)


What questions need to be answered for the accountability function ?

• weather or not progress is being made
• whether or not the type of intervention is being provided will be effective
• whether or not goals continue to be appropriate
• whether or not there is a need for modification
• whether or not there is a need for additional testing


The last step in the accountability process is the termination of therapy, once it's been determined that's client ?

• has met pre established criterion
• has achieved maximum level of communicative functioning possible with intervention provided
• would not benefit from continued therapy services