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Who is our coffee supplier? What makes them unique?

Verve Coffee
From Santa Cruz founded 8 years ago by friends Ryan & Colby (a surfer & a record store employee). They integrated art, skateboarding and surfing culture into their coffee company. Their coffees are Direct Trade meaning they go directly to the farmers and pay them higher prices, but get a much better product. They only buy the top 1%.


What are the three areas of the world where coffee comes from? Where will our coffees come from?

Broken Spanish's coffees will all come from Latin America (mid-Mexico to mid-South America). Coffee is also produced in the South Pacific and Africa between the two tropics.


What are some characteristics of Latin American coffee?

Citrus notes with naturally occurring warm essences of chocolate, caramel, and cinnamon.
Medium-roasted, beans are pulled at the peak of roasting so they are not over-roasted.
Seasonal, so our offerings will change.
Good with or without cream.


How many aromatics are there in coffee?

There are approximately 800 aromatics that can be detected in coffee. In comparison, there are approximately 200 aromatics in wine.


Describe La Mina.

La Mina
Origin: Honduras
Flavor notes: Kiwi, plum jam, lasting, citrus start


Describe La Mesa.

La Mesa
Origin: Columbia
Flavor notes: Cherry, kettle corn, orange zest, citrus finish


How much caffeine is there in our coffee?

Approx 200 mg/8-12 fl oz


What is our coffee brewing system called?

Chemex is a pour-over vessel made in 1960s. It allows air to move through the filter as it is brewing.


What advantages do Chemex filters offer?

Chemex filters are 20-30% heavier (more absorbent) to remove undesirable sediment particles and oils. Chemex filters were scientifically formulated to permit proper infusion time while filtering out sediment, oil, and fats. Infusion gives coffee a richer flavor and makes possible the fractional extraction of only the desirable parts of the coffee bean.


What temperature is our water heated to when brewing coffee?

202 degrees F


What temperature should our coffee be enjoyed at?

140 degrees F


How should you clean the Chemex?

NEVER USE SOAP or dishwasher
Rinse between uses, making sure not to get the wood wet.
At the end of the day, clean out with 1/2 teaspoon Cafiza and hot water for 10 minutes or overnight.