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What three(3) companies provide passenger train service to and from Union Station in the District of Columbia?

MARC, Amtrak, & VRE


The Passenger train crew consists of the Conductor and an engineer, which one on these individuals is in charge of and has overall responsibility of the train?

The conductor


Amtrak is known as a "regional" or national railroad, this is important to responders because Amtrak maintains what type of list?

listing of most passengers


Emergency responders could expect a passenger train traveling in the District of Columbia to reach speeds up to ____ MPH?

110 MPH


If a MARC train is heading south to Union Station, the Engineer will operate the train from which location, the Locomotive or the cab-car?



A typical MARC passenger train car can hold approximately how many passengers

100, can double during rush hour due to standees, VRE 150, Amtrak 250


Head -End Power provided to passenger cars from the locomotive is how many__ volts AC before being reduced down by the individual cars to 220 and 110 volts AC?

480 volts AC


Where would you find the Head-End power cables on passengers cars?

under the cars, for the entire length


What two places would you find the Head-End power(HEP) source shut-offs?

in the locomotive cab and at the power plant


Emergency responders can shut down HEP from diesel-electric locomotives by using the emergency shut-offs, which are locaed where on the locomotive?

on the side of the locomotive(see Chapter 2)


What color connections will the HEP cable have?

Red, note: (Communication cables have blue connections)


Can you expect passenger train cars that are stationary at Union Station to be supplied with power and if so how many volts AC?

Yes by ground power(wayside power) can carry the full 480 volts AC


The red emergency brake handle in each passenger car is used for what purpose only?

halting trains while in motion


Are Fire/EMS department members permitted to connect or disconnect HEP cables and air brake lines?

no, railroad personnel only


If emergency response personnel wish to totally immobilize the train during an incident, they should use the hand brake which is located at which end of the passenger car?

at the "B" end of the car


The hand brake wheel is turned in which direction to apply the brakes?



If the engineer is operaing the train from the cab-car, is the locomotive at the other end of the train occupied or unoccupied?

Unoccupied, train is in the "push mode"


How can you tell the difference from a reguar passenger car and a cab car at the end of a train?

Cab Cars have horns and headlights, VRE has yellow and black sripes


Which type of saw can be used to cut the access panel or"soft spot" on the roof of some passenger cars?

circular rescue saw


Due to the heavy construction of passenger cars, egress should be made through which two places?

Doors and in necessary windows


Where would you find the end doors of the Amtrak superliner cars?

upper level of the double decker