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How does negative mood affect attention?

arousal during negative affect is associated with constricted attentional focus
"weapon focus" or if it is related to survival "fight or flight"

those with affective disorders exhibit attentional biases


How does positive mood affect attention?

according to the "broaden and build" theory- positive emotions broaden awareness; encouraging novel, varied and exploratory thoughts and actions. this can build skills and awareness

no immediate survival value; over time can enhance survival.

it might enhance scope of attention OR it might indicate a cognitive bias- happy moods increase access to what is in the mind during task at hand


Give an example of implicit processing in an emotional face recognition task

labeling age, gender, face color, nose width


Give an example of explicit processing in an emotional face task

rating of emotion or describe/rate self emotion/response


What is an attention condition? Give an example.

An attention condition task will demand what participant is being asked to do.
Eg view this picture but attention will be constrained- 'passive viewing' to test strengths and limitations of passive viewing COMPARED to implicit rating or explicit rating. might be asked to focus on a stimulus feature other than emotion for example


How is the anterior cingulate cortex affected by these various conditions?

deactivated- explicit and implicit of angry, happy, and neutral
activated- passive viewing of angry

anterior cingulate is SENSITIVE to TASK DEMANDS


What can task demands influence?

dysfunction-- implications for studies


How do the dorsal and rostral ACC contribute to affective processing?

Dorsal ACC- appraisal and expression of negative emotions
Rostral ACC- regulatory functions; limbic regions involved in generating emotional response


Implications of DBS for MDD?

decreased subgenual ACC activity with DBS resulting in striking and sustained remission of MDD


What is the limbic cortical depression model?

implicates a failure of the coordinated interactions related to the limbic cortical system. perhaps malfunction leads to further malfunction- cutting off executive control and proper emotion regulation.

inspired dbs research-Mayberg


Describe the Phillips Model of Emotion Regulation

3 processes important for emotion perception
1. ID emotional significance of stimulus
2. produce an affective state in response to 1
3. regulate the affective state


Which process is dependent on the functioning of the ventral system? dorsal system?

Id'ing emotional significance of stimulus and producing an affective state in response to it--> ventral system
regulating the affective state--> dorsal system

ventral system also associated with automaticity of emotion regulation


What is Yerkes-Dodson law?

states there is an empirical relationship between arousal and performance
idea of "optimal stress"
need some arousal and stress to create good performance
imbalance- high anxiety or poor performance
U shaped load response curve


What is the anterior cingulate cortex-ACC- known for

some autonomic functions (breathing, HR) but mainly rational cognitive processes (empathy, reward anticipation, emotion, decision-making, impulse control)