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What is the function of the goblet cells ?

Produce /Secrete mucous -Moistens and Lubricates it .


Where is goblet cells found?

B columnar epithelium


Where are epithelia tissues found ?

Found in the small bronchi, trachea and upper respiratory tract


What are in the lungs ?

Squamous Epithelium
Columnar epithelium


Where are ciliated epithelium cells found ?

Upper airway trachea bronchi is mainly lined with ciliated columnar epithelium cells


What do goblet cells do and what are they function ?

Goblet cells produce mucus and release sticky mucus on to the outer surface mucus out of the lungs


Why do ciliated cells contain many mitochondria ?

Because they have to move mucus ciliated cells have little hairs on them that sweeps mucus . Many mitochondria is needed to produce energy for the cells do to this .


How is it adapted ?Cliiated cells

The ciliated cell has tiny hairs that are called cilia. They sweep bacteria and mucus into the back of the throat.

These have long root hairs (cilia) which are used to move mucous secreted by the goblet cells (which catch particles inhaled which would otherwise harm the fragile alveoli) to the back of the throat where it is swallowed (or spat out, by footballers mostly)

Rhythmic sweeping movement of cilia To remove particles/ irritants/pathogens


How are squamous cells adapted ?

Function: allows materials to pass through by diffusion and filtration

one cell thick for short diffusion pathway

cells are thin and flat large surface area for diffusion of gases .

good blood supply maintains concentration gradient

found in the alveoli .

Why are they thin, flat smooth it makes them ideal for rapid diffusion

Such as in the alveoli in the lungs diffusion pathway is needed to provide allow a rapid diffusion oxygen into the blood and carbon dioxide into the lungs .

How can they be damaged ?
Its damaged by smoking .Which causes irritation and scarring in the epithelium tissue of lungs .The alveio walls become thicker due to scarring and produce more mucus .This can cause emphysema and the lungs causing the loss in elasticity .Which therefore causes breathlessness , persistent coughing .

Associated with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disorder .


Columnar Epithelium cells

Function: secretes mucous and enzymes Protect from pathogens

Contains goblet cells Produces mucus which moistens and lubricates

Ciliated Rhythmic sweeping movement of cilia To remove particles/ irritants/pathogens

Found in the small bronchi, trachea and upper respiratory tract


Why do the goblet cells create mucus ?

They create mucus to help trap any unwanted particles that are present in the air that you breathe .This protects your lungs It prevents bacteria reaching the alveoli .