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What does chastity mean?

sexual purity


What three things does marriage involve?

-leaving home
-"holding fast" to ones spouse
-one flesh relationship


What three adverbs describe a one-flesh relationship? (ending in -ly)



What are the three purposes of marriage?

1. It reveals God's plan for creation.
2. It is intended to lead to a family.
3. It is intended for companionship.


What are the five "marriage exclusions" that are not part of God's plan?



What biblical example do we know of adultery?

David and Bathsheba
(2 Samuel 11-12)


Where in the Bible is adultery specifically forbidden?

-both versions of the 10 commandments


What did Leviticus 20:10 prescribe as the penalty for adultery?

If a man commits adultery with another man's wife then both the adulterer and the adulteress were to be executed.


What does Job 24:15 reveal about adultery?

Adultery is a sin that we desire to keep hidden.


What does Proverbs 6:32 reveal about adultery?

Adultery is a sin that totally lacks sense.


What does Proverbs 30:20 reveal about adultery?

Adultery is a sin that blinds us to its wickedness.


Did Jesus minimize the issue of adultery, clarify it, or leave it alone? What activity does Jesus also demonstrate is sinful?

Jesus expanded the issue. Lusting.


1 Corinthians 7:4 tells us that in the marriage covenant, both husband and wife are...

equal partners.


Give up to four reasons why adultery is forbidden.

1. marriage is a covenant
2. marriage is NOT a contract in which husband and wife are co-signers
3. sex fits within a lifelong covenant of marriage
-sex bonds two people together


What are three reasons why marriage is essential for the way sex is to be enjoyed?

1. the ongoing experience
2. in extramarital sex, there is jealousy and worry
3. sex is to be a culminating expression of a loving vulnerability


What are five "big picture applications" about moving toward marriage?

1: your primary concern is what kind of person you are becoming
2: be a vow keeper
3: be an "other" seeker
4: act with honor and react with gratitude
5: God has created us to be loved


Know these events or people: Alfred Kinsey, Stonewall Riots, Matthew Shepard, and Fred Phelps.

AK: sexologist who published two books on male and female sexuality
SR: police raided a gay bar and harassed patrons
MS: student who was robbed, beat, and left to die
FP: pastor who organized protests at funerals of homosexuals


What is the percentage of practicing homosexuals in America thought to be?

2-5 percent.


Give examples of why there is greater acceptance of homosexuality in contemporary culture.

-political/legal rights
-push for homosexuality to be taught as legitimate option in sex ed
-popularity of media


What two things should Christians do regarding homosexuals?

-reach out in compassion
-have their own "sexual house" in order


What are the four differing options of how Christians should respond to homosexual practice?

-it is an abomination that must be rejected by the church
-it falls short of God's glory and desires sympathy but not acceptance
-it is a result of the Fall and the redeeming option is celibacy
-it should be fully accepted as a way of expressing God-given love


What are possible reasons why someone may have a homosexual orientation?

pure choice? domineering parent of the same sex? emotionally absent parent of the same sex? sexual molestation by someone of the same sex?


What do the following passages say about homosexual behavior?
Leviticus 18:22/20:13
Genesis 19:1-29
Judges 19:16-24
Romans 1:26-27
1 Corinthians 6:9-10

Lev. - homo is labeled as "detestable"
Gen. - Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed for their wickedness
Judg. - men are destroyed
Rom. - God abandons them to these desires
Cor. - eternal condemnation


All the biblical passages that mention homosexual behavior blank such behavior.



What are some resources for the homosexual who wants to change his/her behavior?

-counseling therapies
-christian based groups


What are the four factors that can give the homosexual a better chance at a successful change?

-honest, committed desire to change
-significant past heterosexual experience
-less homosexual activity in the past
-loving, compassionate friend of both sexes that will provide support


What do the various Biblical passages on divorce teach us?

Genesis 2:24
Deuteronomy 24:1-2
Matthew 5:31-32
Matthew 19:3-9
Mark 10:2-12
1 Corinthians 7:10-17


What are the situations that we clearly find or infer from scripture in which divorce is allowable?