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Able / Enable

Having the ability to perform well
"Helen is a very able doctor"

To give the means, ability, or opportunity to do something; to give authority to
"The commander enabled his soldiers to fire at the enemy"


Separate / Apart

To set apart from others
"Could you separate the coins in terms of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters"

Into separate parts or pieces
"John stands apart from other students since he got a perfect score on the Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT)"


What / Somewhat

"I know what he said to Sally"

To a considerable extent
"She is somewhat lazy when it comes to turning in her writing assignments"


Aside / Beside / Besides

On to or to one side
"Please put your bag aside for a moment. We need to check it for security precautions"

At the side of
"The book was placed beside the table"

Except for
"Besides Tom, no ne can eat the ice cream in the refrigerator"


Bad / Badly

Not pleasant or agreeable
"They felt bad about their business going bankrupt"

In an unexpected or undesirable fashion
"Her head hurt badly after bumping it against the door"


Climactic / Climatic

Of or constituting a climax, the point of greatest intensity in a series or progression of events
"The climactic 1960s were defined by the assassination of two great leaders: John F.Kennedy and Martin Luther King"

Referring to climate; meteorological conditions
"The mountaineers suffered severe climatic conditions as they attempted to summit Mount Everest"


Compare to / Compare with

To represent as similar
"She compared him to a wild tiger"

To examine w two things are similar
"The study compared students learning English in the classroom with students learning English in a conversational setting"


Different from / Different than

Not characteristic of or similar to (use this form usually
"Your sens of humor is vastly different from Susan's"

Not characteristic of or similar to (use this form to avoid an awkward construction)
"Please let me know if your education goals are different than they were last year" (to avoid using "from what")


Hanged / Hung

Having been executed
"Convicted of three murders, he was hanged until he was dead"

Having fastened or suspended something
"She hung her clothes out to dry"


Imply / Infer

To convey an idea by indirect, subtle means
"Through his frowns and crossed arms, Steven implied that he was upset about something"

To draw a conclusion from evidence or reasoning
"Susan inferred that Steven was upset because of his frowns and crossed arms"


Raise / Rise

To move or cause to move upward
"I raised the blinds in the living room"

To go up
"Heat rises"


Wait for / Wait on

To be in readiness for or await
"We are waiting for Jake to finish his shift, so we can all go to the movies together"

To serve
"Currently the waitress has three tables she is waiting on"


Which / That

The HP computer, which is not working anymore, is still under warranty"
(Often used in non restrictive clauses)

Refers to things or a group or a class of people
"I finally found the book that I lost last week"
(Often used in restrictive clauses)