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what is community based care

the idea that even if you are an "acute" care nurse you recognize that you patients are coming from the community and returning there. the more you know about the community the better nurse you will be


what happens if you are working with patients in the community

you have a better understanding of the community (strengths, weaknesses, demographics of the population, current health status, available resourses )


what is the goal for community based care

maintianing or improving quality of life


what is the focus for community based care

not on curing but empowering patients to take care of themselves and providing them with the resources and education they need to maximize their quality of life


what is the focus for health promotion and disease prevention

providin g the patient and their family with the education they need to stay healthy, maintain their current level of health or improve there health status


what is community based care not defined as

the setting


what is the focus on for where community based care is provided

continuity of care in all setting


what if community based care designed by

to meet needs of people as they move between and among health care settings


who is the client in the community based care

indiviudals and their families are the main recipients of community based care


what is the quote from healthy people 2020

the health of the individual is almost inseparable from the health of the larger community