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Infection control nurse determining whether infection rates decreased after making a policy revision, what type of audit is this?
a. process
b. prospective
c. structure
d. outcome

d. outcome audits evaluate results from specific nursing interventions.
- Process audits examine how nursing care is provided. Prospective audits predict future performance on new interventions. Structure audits evaluate the availability of resources, like staffing ratios.


WOTF p's needs an interdisciplinary care conference?
a. P who has type 1 DM and has had repeated hospitalizations for DKA
b. Alcoholic p who decided to start attending AA meetings
c. p who has sickle cell anemia and avoids contact sports
d. p who has a hx of miscarriages and is admitted w/ ruptured membranes at 38 weeks.

a. the diabetic patient is not managing his disease and is having repeated episodes of a life-threatening complication.