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What components make up the CT system?

One CST, 2 transfer pumps, and all piping, valves, instrumentation, controls and annunciators


How does the system maintain proper condensate inventory?

by accepting or providing condensate upon demand from the condensate system


What safety related functions does the CT system perform?

1) provide water for the Aux feed pump for S/G makeup
2) provide emergency makeup to the essential cooling water surge tanks
3) provide emergency makeup water to the essential chilled water expansion tanks
4) provide emergency makeup water to the diesel generator cooling water surge tanks during a loss of off site power
5) provide makeup to the spent fuel pool


Draw CT.

Ensure all components from drawing handed out are included.


What is the normal source of makeup water to the CST?

Demin Water (DW)


How is the condensate in the CST protected from O2 absorption?

The GA system provides a nitrogen blanket for the CST


How much of the CST volume is there for Aux Feed?

330,000 gallons


What makes the CST a missile resistant structure?

it is concrete lined with stainless steel and is designed to a seismic category 1


Why is there an additional 3 feet of storage above the normal 550,000 gallon capacity?

to allow for in-surges due to secondary system thermal expansion


What is the backup source of makeup water to the CST?

Liquid rad-waste system used only under abnormal conditions due to tritium concerns.


How is the CST protected from vacuum and overpressure conditions?

2 breather relief valves located on top of the tank (PSV-8 and PSV-23).


Describe the condensate transfer pumps.

single stage, horizontal, centrifugal, 5HP, 130GPM pumps that are not normally running.


Where are the two isolation valves for AFN?

they are in the CST pump house room on the supply line to the AFPN. They are motor operated
They are inside the seismic rated building so that if they were open and a seismic event happened that broke the piping on the non-class side, the water from the CST could be saved.


How is makeup from the Demin Water tank provided?

Automatically by LV-6. It opens and closes upon a proportional pneumatic signal from a d/p transmitter (level controller)


What is the purpose of the loop seal on the CST?

It is installed to protect the CST against nitrogen loss but also prevents excessive tank pressure or vacuum in the event of the tank breather relief valves.


What causes the Condensate transfer pumps to start?

various PPS ESFAS signals will auto start the pumps. the pumps can be manually started as well.


What are the power supplies for the condensate transfer pumps?



What will cause the condensate dump valve back to the CST to not be allowed to open?

High conductivity will cause CDN-LV-75 to not open to reject water back to the CST. It can be over ridden via a two position key switch located in the aux relay cabinet in the turbine building.