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What are the four paragraphs in a conflict essay?

1. Heated arguement (theme of hollow values of upper classes)
2. Motif of time
3. Setting
4. Parties


Heated arguement - the affair between G and D is revealed at the Plaza Hotel

"I suppose its the latest thing to sit back and let Mr Nobody from nowhere make love to your wife."
"Jay Gatsby broke up like glass against Tom's Hard Malice"
"Open more windows... there aren't anymore"

~ Tom exposes Gatsby for being a bootlegger which is hypocrtical as he is one himself. As a result, Daisy realises that she doesn't actually know Gatsby very well. She realises that he is actually from "new money" which she, as an "old money" lady, does not like. Despite the fact that Gatsby became wealthy to achieve her, Daisy goes onto chose Tom Buchanan even though he has cheated on her as he comes from "old money".


Motif of time - Gatsby cannot bear to understand that there was a time during which Daisy also loved Tom. Developed as a result of the heated arguement

"Just tell him the truth - that you never loved him - and it's all wiped out forever."
"he felt married to her, that was all"
""There are things between me and Daisy you'll never know, things neither of us can never forget." The words seemed to bite physically into Gatsby."

~ Gatsby's dream of turning back the time and having Daisy love only him has failed as she loved Tom as well as Gatsby. Gatsby feels betrayed as during those five years he only loved her and he thought that she did too. When he found out that she never, he was devastated. Tom ruined Daisy for him as:
"He must have looked up at an unfamiliar sky and shivered as he found what a grotesque thing a rose is"


"old money" vs "new money" - Setting - their houses are opposite each other

"A factual imitation of some Hotel de Ville"
"the white palaces of fashionable east egg glittered along the water"

~ owl eyes
~ at opposites side of the water
~ lacks refinement


Parties - "meretricious beauty"

"He certainly must have strained himself to get this menagerie together"
"polo player"
"unaffected scorn"

~ People from "new money" have this desire to show off their money and for that, people from "old money" usually do not like them - even Nick Carraway that "Gatsby, who represented everything I have unaffected scorn."
~ Tom was digusted by his parties and he question how he got the money to make them which why he investaged Gatsby. He thought that his parties were like having 'caged animals' in a room.