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What congenital heart defect is associated with:

a) Downs

b) Turners

c) Noonans

d) Williams 


b) Aorti coarctation

c) Pulmonary stenosis

d) Supraventricular aortic stenosis


What type of murmur occurs when:

a) the heart contracts

b) the heart relaxes

a) systolic murmur

b) diastolic murmur


What congenital heart defects are associated with the following features:

a) cyanosis at birth 

b) prematurity

c) no cyanosis

d) late presentation

e) cyanotic spells

f) increased right heart pressure

g) 'clapped out'

a) TGA

b) PDA

c) VSD

d) ASD

e) teratpology of fallot

f) pulmonary stenossi

g) aoric coarctation