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What are the requirements to be a House member? (3)

Over 25
US citizen for 7 years
Member of the state you represent, sometimes the district


What are the requirements to be a Senator? (3)

Over 30
US citizen for 9 years
Member of the state that you represent


How many House and Senate members are there?

435, 100


In the 115th Congress, how many women, Hispanics, and African Americans were there in House?

83 women
34 Hispanics
49 African Americans


How many Republicans and Democrats are there in Senate



How many women, Hispanics, African Americans were there in the Senate in the 115th Congress?

21 women
4 Hispanics
3 African Americans


Of the 29 Senators that stood for reelection in 2016, how many won?



What are the 3 exclusive powers of the House?

- Begins consideration of all money bills
- Can impeach any member of the executive or judiciary by a simple majority
- Elects the President if the EC is deadlocked


Why does the House begin consideration of all money bills?

At the time of the Founding Fathers, the House was the only directly elected chamber


What are the 4 exclusive powers of the Senate?

- Confirm presidential appointments to the executive and judicial branches
- Ratify all treaties negotiated by the President
- Hold trials of impeachment from the House
- Elect the VP if electoral college is deadlocked


Who was impeached in 2010 and why?

Judge Thomas Porteous, by 94-2 in Senate


Joint powers of the House and Senate? (5)

Pass legislation
Override the Presidents veto
Initiate Constitutional amendments
Declare war
Confirm a newly appointed VP


When was a VP last confirmed by Congress

1974 when Nelson Rockefeller became VP. As a result of the 25th amendment


Who did the Senate block from becoming a Supreme Court Justice in 2016?

Merrick Garland


In what ways is the Senate more important than the House? (6)

Senators represent the entire state
Senators serve longer terms
There are less Senators than House members
Senates are more frequently likely to be the President
Senates exclusive powers such as confirming appointments are more important than the Houses
Senate members are more likely to be chair of committees


In what ways do the House and Senate have equal powers? (4)

Both Houses have equal power in legislation
Both powers must agree to compromises reached at Conference Committees
Both houses are required to override Presidential vetoes and approve constitutional amendments
Members of both houses receive equal salaries


What are the functions of the Speaker of the House? (5)

Acts as Presiding officer of the House
Interprets and enforces rules of the House
Refers bills to standing committees
Appoints Committee chairs
Appoints majority party members of the House Rules Committee


Who is the current speaker of the House?

Paul Ryan


What do Majority and Minority leaders do?

Act as 'day to day head of operations' on their respective floors
Hold press briefings to talk about their party's policy
Act as liaison officer between the two chambers and the White House


Who are the Majority and Minority leaders in House?

Maj: Kevin McCarthy
Min: Nancy Pelosi


Who are the Majority and Minority leaders in Senate?

Maj: Mitch McConnell
Min: Chuck Schumer


How many Standing Committees are there in the House and the Senate?

16 in Senate, 17 in House


How many members are in House and Senate Standing Committees?

18 in Senate, 45-50 in House


What is the party makeup in Standing Committees and who chairs them?

Proportional to party representation in the whole chamber, chaired by a member of the majority party.


What is the Seniority rule?

The chairman of a standing committee will be the member of the majority party with the longest continuous service on the committee


What are the functions of Standing Committees? (3)

- Conduct committee stage of the legislation process
hold hearings with witnesses.
- Conduct investigations within the Committees policy area. Call executive officials to be interviewed
- Begin confirmation process of numerous presidential appointments (in Senate only)


What Senate committee is John McCain head of?

Armed Forces Committee


Which committee investigated Rex Tillersons suitability as Secretary of State

Foreign Relations Committee


What does the House Rules Committee do? (3)

Timetables bills for consideration on the House floor
Prioritises the most important bills coming from the Committee stage
Sets out rules for each debate of a bill eg. Can any amendments be made


How many members of each party are there in the House Rules Committee and who is its chair?

11 Republicans
4 Democrats
Pete Sessions