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Know the three reasons why the house of representatives is Bicameral

1. Historical –British Parliament had two houses
2. Practical settled conflict between small/states
3. Theoretical – checks and balance system


Know the two ways in which gerrymandering is done

1. Packing: concentrate the opposite voters in as few districts as possible
2. Cracking: spread the opposite voters out in as many districts as possible


Know the qualifications of a House member/senator

House members
1. Must be 25 yrs old
2. Must have been a citizen-7 yrs
3. Must be a resident of the state
1. 30 yrs old
2. Citizen -9 yrs
3. Live in the states


Five major roles of a congress man

1. Legislations -make laws
2. Representatives - voice of people
3. Committee members -screen bills
4. Servants to constituents -provide help to people
5. Politicians-work for the government


Two types of committees

1. Standing committee- permanent/ year round deal with subject matter (education finance )
2. Special committee- temporary deal with interesting and pres. appointments (watergate Supreme Court nominee)


5 steps how a bill becomes a law

1. Bill introduced by a congressman
2. Bill goes to a committee for action must die here
3. Goes to full house to debate/vote
4. Conference committee "iron out" identical bill
5. President signs it either becomes law or is vetoed


2 types of bills

Public bill- law involving everyone
Private bill- law involving specific group


Where ideas for bills come from

Executive branch, people, special industry group


Know the 3 limits on congressional pay

President vetoes power


Fringe benefits of congressmen

A special tax break
A liberal pension plan
More office and travel plans


Differences between the house and the senate

Large 435
Shorter terms 2 yrs
Smaller constituencies- districts
All elected every 2 years
Less prestige

Smaller -100
Longer terms 6yrs
Large constituency- state
1/3 elected every 2yrs
More prestige


Four ways members of congress vote

Delegates- they vote based off how the people who elected them want them too.
Trustee- by their own conscience
Partisan- with their party leaders
Politicos- they combine all of them