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What is the equation for Gravitational Potential Energy?

Gravitational Potential Energy = Mass x Gravitational Field Strength x Height


What is the equation for Kinetic Energy?

Kinetic Energy = 0.5 x mass x velocity squared


Explain what is meant by conservation of energy.

Total energy before is equal to total energy after a transfer. Or energy cannot be created or destroyed.


What is the energy transfer when an object is throw vertically upwards?

Kinetic into gravitational


What is the energy transfer when a moving object collided with an obstacle coming to a stop?

Kinetic into heat and sound


What is the energy transfer when a falling mass accelerates a trolley?

Gravitational into Kinetic (and sound and heat)


What is the energy transfer when boiling a kettle?

Electrical into heat (and sound)


What is the main form of wasted energy?

Heating of the surroundings


Explain ways of reducing unwanted energy.

Lubrication and insulation


Describe the effects of thickness and thermal conductivity of the walls of a building on its rate of cooling

The thicker the wall and the better the insulation the less the building will cool


What is meant by a renewable energy source?

Will not run out


What is meant by a non-renewable energy source?

Will run out


Explain the 5 main stages of a fossil fuel power station.

1) Burn fuel to produce heat
2) Boil water to produce steam
3) Steam turns turbines
4) Turbines turn the generators
5) Generators produce electricity


What is the name of the process that produces heat in a nuclear power station?

Nuclear Fission


What is the main environmental effect of using fossil fuels?

CO2 leads to climate change


What is the main environmental effect of Nuclear Power?

Nuclear waste is extremely hazardous and must be stored very carefully


What is the main disadvantage of wind, solar and wave energy resources?

Unreliable. Will only produce energy when weather allows it


Which renewable energy resources can respond to demand?

Geothermal, Hydro Electric and tidal