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Who was the leader of the SS and the Gestapo

Heinrich Himmler


What was the function of the SS

They were Hitlers personal bodyguards and private army


What was the Gestapos function

They acted as a secret service monitoring and torturing anyone who didn’t conform to Nazi ideals


What Department was Dr Joseph Goebbels leading

Department of Public Propaganda + Enlightenment


What was Goebbels’ job

To make the people believe Nazi ideals + make them loyal to Hitler


What was the Concardat and when was it signed

It was a way to allow the Catholic Church to keep control over church schools and youth organisations, it was signed in 1934


What opposition was there from the youth

There were many groups such as the Edelweiss Pirates, the White Rose and The Leipzig Meuten


How did they oppose the Nazi’s

The Edelweiss Pirates and The Leipzig Meuten both refused to join the Hitler youth, the White Rose openly campaigned against Hitler


How where the youth groups treated by the Nazi’s

The Edelweiss Pirates and Leipzig Meuten were sent to concentration camps for 2-3 years, the White Rose were hung


What is censorship

Controlling the info given to the public by the press, radio etc... used to control the people via media


Who did the Nazis try to gain the support of in 1933

They tried to gain support from the churches to increase their control in germany


What did the Nazis and the churches share similar ideas on

The role of women as housewives and other traditional ideas


Who were the Confessional Church

Lutherien (Protestants) priests such as Martin Neimolerr and Dietrich Bahhoeffer, who opposed Muller


Who led the German Christian Church (Protestant Church)

Ludwig Muller who was later known as Reich Bishop


Why was Cardinal Galen opposing the Nazis

They were secretly killing mentally & physically handicapped people


What similar ideas did the Catholic Church and the Nazis have in common

The place of women, other traditional values and the Nazi party hated Jews so did the Catholic Church


Why were Jehovahs Witnesses put into concentration camps

They refused to take up arms and join the army, and the Nazis did not approve of the way they lived their lives


What was the German Faith Movement

It was a new pagan religion which portrayed Hitler as a god, their religious symbol was a swastika, their alter carried a copy of Mein Kampf


What was the Concordat

The Nazis signed a Concordat with the Roman Catholic Church to allow them to keep control over church schools & youth organisations.


When was the Concardat signed

In 1934