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Are Schedule 1 drugs listed in the Drug Identification Bible?

No, because they have no approved medical use.


Describe Asian White Heroin

* varied colors
* strong smell of vinegar
* granulation similar to talcum powder
* bitter taste


Describe Mexican Brown Heroin

* Medium brown color to brick red
* Absorbs moisture and clumps together
* Vinegar smell
* Bitter taste
* Granulation similar to brown sugar


Describe Black Tar Heroin

* Consistency of roofing tar when fresh
* When dried, becomes rock like
* Vinegar Smell
* Bitter taste


Describe Cocaine HCL

* White, powdery
* May appear as white fluffy powder in lower quality
* White pearlescent sheen and flakes in higher quality


Describe Crack cocaine, cocaine base

* Chunky rock like substance
* Non water soluble


Describe Meth, Crystal Meth

* Powdery substance
* White to grey in color
* Resembles rock salt in appearance
* Water soluble


Describe Marijuana

Brown/Green leafy material


Describe Hashish

* THC spores from the marijuana plant compressed together
* Appears like a hard rock like substance
* Color varies from green to black
* Similar smell to marijuana


Describe Ecstasy (MDMA)

* Usually comes in tablet form, also seen in gel and powder
* Most tablets are marked with some unique marking
* Nearly all comes from Netherlands and Belgium


What are some key points of field drug testing?

* Sequential testing
* Follow the designation chart
* Discharge static electricity
* Once drugs are eliminated, they stay eliminated


What does a positive test on a field drug test mean?

A positive test means it is positive for the characteristics and properties of the drug, not that it is the drug itself


A field drug test always starts with what reagent?

the Mayer's reagent


If the first test results in a creamy white reaction, the next test in line is what reagent?

the Marquis reagent