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loss of the corneal epithelium without any loss of corneal stroma.

Superficial corneal ulcer


superficial corneal ulcer that heals according to the expected time frame <7 days.

Simple, or uncomplicated corneal ulcer


any ulcer that does not heal within the expected time frame of > 7days.

Complex or complicated corneal ulcer


a canine-specific form of complex corneal ulceration in which the epithelium fails to adhere to the stroma

Indolent ulceration


The trigeminal nerve and certain cytokines cause direct stimulation of the ciliary body, inducing spasm, pain, and disruption of the blood ocular barrier in response to complicated corneal ulcers.

Reflex uveitis


softening of cornea due to collagenolysis from infection and the ocular inflammatory response

Keratomalacia ("melting corneal ulceration")


enzymatic destruction of the corneal stroma that signals infection most often by Pseudomonas triggers collagenolysis.(neutrophils also cause similar destruction)



DDx for a brown raised corneal opacity, this will rush forward to plug a corneal perforation in certain circumstances

Iris Prolapse


This condition forms progressive pigment and granulation tissue across corneal and conjunctival epithelium. Painless yet blinding if left untreated. an autoimmune condition that is inherited in GSD and grayhounds.



condition that involves superficial corneal pigment migration from the limbus. Its presence suggest that superficial inflammation is present. common in Pugs.

Pigmentary keratitis