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What does the wattage of a processor indicate?

The wattage of a processor indicates how hot the temperature will be, and is important to know so it can bee cooled properly.


What is the process called where the electrical circuitry is etched on to the wafers?



How do manufacturers increase processor speed?

By increasing the amount of microscopic transistors on the processor.


What unit do we use to measure the power of a CPU?

We use watts to measure the power of a CPU.


A multi core processor can process more than one thread at a time. What is this called.

Parallel processing which allows multi-threading.


What is multicore?

Multi-core is when you put two or more cores on to one processing chip.


What three things should you consider before upgrading a processor?

- Cost,
- Cooling requirements, and
- Level of improved performance.


What things should you check if the computer wont boot after replacing the processor?

- Does it have power,
- Is the processor correctly installed (level), and
- Are any jumpers set correctly.
- Also make sure the fan starts within 30 seconds.


What is cache memory?

Cache memory is RAM located near or on the processor. It's main purpose is to store repeatedly accessed information which it can access faster in cache memory than in RAM.


What are the RAM cache memory names in order from smallest capacity and fastest, to largest capacity and slowest (still fast).

L1, L2, L3