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What are fundamentalists?

-they are people who take the bible literally, i mean literally, probably like Daniel.
-they are also creationist.


What are conservatives ?

They are roman catholics who would fall into this group as they have a church to help them to intercept God's work.


What are Liberals?

They might go far as to believe that Jesus is a great guy and a good role model but didn't actually rise from the dead or performed miracles.


Where is the 'creation of Adam' by Michelangelo in?

In the Sistine Chapel...


What are some of the interpretation of that painting?

-they shape that god is in looks like a brain...
-god is carried by angels
-but some people thing God looks old not all powerful.


What is the natural law?

The moral principles and values that are considered to be inherent to all humans.


What is magisterium?

The teaching authority of the Catholic Church, exercise by the pope and the bishops.


What is the Second Vatican Council?

A series of importance gatherings of all the Catholics bishops between 1962 and 1965 which updated many Catholics teachings.


When do we have a duty to protect all human life?

From the moment it begins until it's natural end.


What is transcendent?

The idea that God is beyond and outside, life on earth and universe; a quality of God.


What does Adam mean in Hebrew?

Humanity, which many people see as the name of the first name.


What is free-will?

It is the belief that God gives people the opportunity to make decisions for themselves.


What happened in the Vatican (2nd) about science?

-keen to show science is used correctly
-this can help them understand God's creation
(Gaudium et spes)


What is the Laudato Si?

It is the letter written by Pope Francis , which urged everyone to take responsibility of the planet and care for it.