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what is anthropology of cultural change

- how and why things change


What is the synchronic description of culture?

studies of time over short time intervals, ahistorical, salvage anthropology


What is diachronic description of culture?

longer time periods, historical, context to understand change


What is the process of cultural change?

- ideas from ralph Linton
- internal and external change
- should we care that cultures change?


What is discover and inventions

step 1 of process of cultural change?
- new things inspire change
- linton: discoveries are accidents and inventions are intentional
- discovery= addition of knowledge
- invention= application of knowledge


What is diffusion?

- introducing new technology into your group from outside
- involvement of external relations, ideas spreading from one group to another
- must encounter idea/ be presented, intervention into everyday life
- reciprocal, goes in both directions
- selectively, usually modified


How is language change an example of invention/discovery and diffusion

- change w/ time and distance
- athapaskan anguage: tahltan, Navajo, Apache
- sound shifts, internal changes
- Grimm's Law: p's in latin have become f's, f's have become b and b's become p's
semanti changes: shifts word meaning


What is the process of forced change?

-unbalanced reciprocity within diffusion
a) acculturation
- indigenous peoples, immigrant experience
- changes in 1 group more than the other
- ex: fur trade BC
b) assimilation
- merging of less dominant society into more dominant
- intent to change subordinate group
- ex: Canadian indian act
c) genocide
- elimination of one group at the hand of another
- done in name of progress
ex: Beothik of newfoundland, gone in 1929


How are languages used in contact situations?

2 languages in contact
1) language maintenance
- maintain status qou
- acculturation
- bilingualism (still have both languages just learn other one)
- political will
trade jargon (pidgin develops: vocabulary, trade some words)
- vocab from existing language: ex: dighi=tea, papa=pepper, hyas pusspuss (cougar),
2) language shift
- shifting language alliances
3) language death (genocide)


How is work changing (culture)

-indigenoues people have things to teach us
Jarod diamond:
- low density low rates of consumption/pollution
- foraging people=good
-agriculture people= bad


What are examples of cultures changing?

- compare with innu
-globalization (Barker): embrace of the world with capitalism and high speed communication
- global is experienced and reacted to locally

changes in Uiaku: missionisation, logging, resource extraction


what is hunters and bombers?

-anthropologist Hugh Brody
-innu caribou hunters
-conflict between canadian military and innu hunters

-calm and quiet
-indigenous language
- content living on land, foragers

- planes
- english, agriculture society
- fences/barbed wire
-class based