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what is meant by the term cyberattack?

an attempt by hackers to damage or destroy a computer system or a network.


why are cyberattacks carried out?

to obtain data stored on a network
delete or modify data
make the system unusable


what is meant by the term social engineering?

it involves tricking people into divulging secret information such as passwords.


state two methods/types of social engineering

Shoulder surfing


what is meant by the term Phishing?

it involves emails claiming to be from a bank or another reputable business, asking for personal information e.g. credit card details.


what is meant by the term Shoulder surfing?

this involves finding passwords and pins by physically watching people enter them, when they are inattentive. This could happen at a busy location or from afar using binoculars.


state 4 methods/types of technical weaknesses

Unpatched software
USB device
Smart device


what is meant by the term Unpatched software?

patches are developed by software producers to fix security issues identified in their software. if these patches are not applied then the security issues can be exploited by hackers.


How can USB devices be exploited?

employees could attach portable devices containing flash drives and copy sensitive information. They could also try to install software onto the network and introduce malware.


How can smart devices be exploited?

electronic domestic appliances such as kettles are usually unprotected and can be targeted by hackers. They have been used to launch denial of service attacks.


what is meant by the term Eavesdropping?

the interception of digital communications.


how can Eavesdropping be done?

directly listening to digital or analogue communications.
interception or sniffing of data relating to any form of communication.


Explain how Eavesdropping can be used by hackers to exploit sensitive data?

The criminals use packet analysers (hardware) to intercept the transmitted data packets, which are then analysed and decoded. The criminals can therefore steal sensitive data e.g. credit card details.