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Prīmus amor Phoebī Daphnē Pēnēia, quem nōn fors ignāra dedit, sed saeva Cupīdinis īra.

The first love of Phoebus was Daphne, child of Peneus, which unknowing chance did not give but the savage anger of Cupid.


Dēlius hunc nūper, victō serpente superbus, viderat adductō flectentem cornua nervō,

The Delian, proud after having defeated the serpent, recently had seen this man bending the horns with its string drawn taut,


"Quid" que, "tibī, lascīve puer, cum fortibus armīs?" dīxerat; "Ista decent umerōs gestāmina nostrōs,

and he had said, "What is it for you, mischievous boy, with brave arms? That equipment is right for my shoulders,


"quī dare certa ferae, dare vulnera possumus hostī, quī modo, pestiferō tot iūgera ventre prementem, strāvimus innumerīs tumidum Pythōna sagittīs."

"I who is able to give sure wounds to a wild beast, to the enemy, I who has just now defeated with innumerable arrows the swollen Python, overwhelming so many acres with his deadly belly."