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Assuming normal distribution, % of data points fall w/i 1 standard deviation, 2, or 3

68%, 95%, 99.7%


Relative Risk & OR equations; When are they similar

RR: [A/(A+B)]/[C/(C+D)]; OR: (A/B)/(C/D); OR estimates RR for low prevalence disease


RR = 1 means

No assoc bn risk factor and disease


Parent refuse life-saving tx for child in emergency situation

Tx emergency then Seek court order to tx against parent's will; If non-emergency, seek court order first


Situations for breaking patient confidentiality

(1) Patient requests/allows it (2) Reportable disease (3) Harm to self or others (4) Penetrating assault wound


CA pt emergently intubated & family brings her signed DNR

Extubate - withholding & withdrawing care are tx same


Pt says she does not wish to know results of her recent lung bx, but family begs for you to tell them

Not tell result to anyone pt does not wish for you to, including the patient herself


Cases in which unemancipated minors not require parental consent for tx

Presumed consent for emergencies; Also (1) Contraception (2) STDs (3) Pregnancy (4) Illicit drug tx or counseling


Living will not want ventilator; Pt's wife requests it

No ventilator since wife not using substituted judgement so may need court order


Study shows 32.5 mg of ASA daily not helpful for reducing cardiovascular risk - type of error

Type II (beta) error


Equations: Sensitivity v. Specificity

Sensitivity: A/(A+C); Specificity: D/(B+D)


Equations: PPV v. NPV

PPV: A/(A+B) ; NPV: D/(C+D)

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