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Attributes of a social care worker? Banks 2004

1. Calling for to care.
2. Cooperation to welfare and control.
3. Commitment to change (e.g. Anti-oppressive practice).
4. An ambivalence towards professionalisation.
5. 'Deprofessionalisation' trends.


3 reports

1. Kennedy.
2. Kilkenny incest case.
3. Task force report 1980.


Define a social care practitioner

Social care practitioners plan and provide care to vulnerable individuals and groups of all ages whom experience marginalisation, disadvantage or special needs. They protect and advocate for people who are particularly vulnerable. It is based on an interpersonal relationship which requires empathy, strong communication, self awareness and an ability to reflect.


Define skills

Skills are the ability, coming from one knowledge practice and aptitude to do something well.


Define competencies

Competencies are the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.


Ðefine complexities-

The state of having many parts or being difficult to understand or find an answer to


Funding what did wheel say

The wheel have said that while the economy has grown steadily over the past years, spending in services for youths, people with disabilities, careers, mental illness and other socially disadvaned areas have been continuously faced with cuts and as a result been unable to fulfill their full potential. They warned that crucial services are now at breaking point.


Funding wheel survey results-

42% of charities experienced a fall in their income over the past year.
33% of charities needed to cut back or suspended services.


Funding budget-

Homeless- increase of €18m to €116m. Suspected 3,000 exits from homelessness in 2018.

Mental health services- additional €35m

Charities- VAT compensation scheme introduced in 2019. Entitled to refund of a proportions of their VAT compensation. Scheme has a allocated budget of €5m


Lack of aftercare services

TUSLA provides aftercare services to 1,880 young people. 58% in receipt of full time education. Add to it