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What is Statistical Infrequency?

Statistical Infrequency occurs when an individual has a less common characteristic, we state something as normal/abnormal by the number of observations.


When is Statistical Infrequency used?

The statistical approach can be used if dealing with a character that can be reliably measured.


IQ - Statistical Infrequency

Normal distribution can be used to show IQ of an population. Average IQ 100. (68%) 85-115. 2% below 70 and can be used to diagnose IDD


What is Deviation from Social Norms

Deviation from social norms concerns behaviour that are different from the accepted standards of behaviour in a community or society.


Norms are...

Social norms are different for each generation and culture, however only a few behaviours are seen as ‘universally abnormal’ if they break the social norms.


Deviation from social norms - Antisocial personality disorder

A person with antisocial personality disorder (psychopathy) is impulsive, aggressive and irresponsible. One symptom for APD is not to conform/moral standards/lawful cultural normative behaviour.


What is Failure to function adequately?

Failure to function adequately occurs when someone is unable to cope with ordinary demands of day-to-day living


When is someone failing to function adequately?

- When a person no longer conforms to interpersonal rules
- When a person faces severe distress
- When a person's behaviour becomes dangerous and irrational


FFA - Intellectual Disability Disorder

A criteria for intellectual disability disorder is low IQ another criteria must be met before diagnosis of intellectual disability disorder one being failure to function adequately


What is deviation from ideal mental health?

Deviation from ideal mental health occurs when someone does not meet the criteria for good mental health. Deviation from mental health looks at factors which make someone ‘normal’ rather than abnormal.


What does Ideal Mental health look like?

- Strong sense of self identity
- Resistant to Stress
- Self - Actualisation
- Autonomy
- Empathy