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DB#00-13: All hazardous materials exceeding _ gallons for liquids, _ cubic feet for gases, or _ pounds for solids are required to be disclosed to FD.

- 55
- 200
- 500


DB#00-13: What is a BP-8?

- Disclosure permit of an occupancy
* Info in NSS


DB#00-13: F-HMIF means what?

- Hazardous Materials Information Form


DB#00-13: After an inspection of a business which handles hazardous materials if complete, where are F-HMIF and BP-8 forwarded to?

- Data Management Unit, Technical Section


DB#01-06: What is a F-904 and what is its purpose?

- F-904 is a situation report used to facilitate resolution and feedback of department EMS or other critical issues .
* Helps resolve service issues in a timely manner.


DB#01-06: All F-904s and related attachments shall be forwarded by when?

- End of shift or business day
* When F-904 filled out, journal entry shall also be inputted.


DB#01-19: Critical biological agents are grouped as category A, B, and C based on what?

- Dissemination/spread
- mortality rate
- ability to affect the social and medical norm


DB#01-19: Category A is the highest priority. What are examples of biological agents listed in Category A?

- small pox
- anthrax
- plague
- botulism
- ebola


DB#01-19: As first responders what is our main objectives when obscene?

- establish isolation/contamination lines
- deny entry or exit


DB#01-19: What do WMD and WME stand for?

- WMD: weapons of mass destruction
- WME: weapons of mass effect


DB#02-14: What are the two volunteer programs the city uses?

- Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
- Auxillary Communications Service (ACS)


DB#02-14: CERT members form in teams and report to an _ as deemed necessary by the IC.

- Incident Area Commander


DB#02-14: What does ACS do?

- Provide tactical, logistical, administrative, and communications support for all government communications systems.


DB#02-14: CERT and ACS are established by who?

- ACS: state


DB#02-14: In the Incident Command System, CERT and ACS are referred to as what?

- Unit leaders


DB#03-15: What is the Burning Index?

- A number to describe the potential amount of effort needed to contain a single fire in a particular fuel type within a rating area as it relates to the flame length at the head of the fire.


DB#03-15: What does Model "T" describe in burning index?

- Description of light brush and sage brush type grass.


DB#03-15: What does Model "B" describes woody plants at least _ feet tall, which occupy _ or more of a particular brush site.

- 6'
- 2/3
* found Santa Monica, San Gabriel Mountains
"California Chaparral"


DB#03-15: Burning Index is based upon what?

- Flame lengths


DB#03-15: What is the trigger point for the department to go into pre-deployment mode?

- Extreme BI (162-211)
- Critical BI (212-above)
- Red Flag Fire danger (winds greater 25mph, relative humidity less than 15%)


DB#05-06: All restrained patients shall be kept in what position whenever possible?

- left lateral position


DB#05-06: A minimum of _ members are needed to restrain a person.

- 3
* one for each upper extremity and one for lower extremities.


DB#05-06: A taser is considered a _ enforcement weapon. Taser also give off a brief _ volt jolt of electricity.

- "less lethal"
- 50,000
* Taser barbs shall NOT be removed in the field.


DB#05-14: California Safely Surrendered Baby Law allows a person to surrender a minor child,_ hours or younger to any firefighter on duty at any station.

- 72 hours


DB#05-14: Each fire station should have a Safe Surrender sign and a Safe House sign in front of the station. The Safe Surrender sign is a _ and _ sign with a baby resting in the palm of a hand inside a _.

- blue
- white
- house


DB#05-14: Each fire station is to have how many Newborn Safe Surrender kits at least?

* Manuals and orders Unit provides Safe Surrender kits and signs for FS.


DB#05-14: Once a baby is received notify Metro and an RA will be dispatched to station. Paramedics will notify _while at hospital by calling Child Abuse Hotline Option # _ (Safe Surrender Infant).

- Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)
- 3