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Advantages of using standard components?

Can be bought in bulk. Ensures consistency of flavour,,texture, colour, shape, size, weight and depth and outcome enabling an exact replication of each product. Save time in manufacturing process. Less effort in manufacturing. Exact costs can be worked out. Less risk of cross contamination.


Disadvantages of using standard components?

Time needed for ordering and delivery. May be supply problems. Can be more expensive. Poor sensory qualities. Other companies use the same components.


Why do designers make prototypes in the test kitchen?

To obtain consistent results.
To guarantee the quality of the outcome.
To avoid human error.


How are injuries prevented when using equipment?

Follow manufacturers instructions carefully.
Avoid distractions.
Use heat protective gloves if necessary.
Don't have open windows near naked flames.
Eye protection may be needed.


In the food industry, how are injuries prevented from equipment?

Industrial machines must have safety switches and guards. Also emergency stop buttons.


What is a standard component?

A ready made product in the design stage. E.g. Frozen/decorations.