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What are Standards?

Come from the state and are general statements of student learning


Why are standards important?

They can be used to insure teacher accountability.
They help reduce duplication of content.
They assist in sequencing instruction.
They align instruction and assessment, and are sometimes used for end-of-course testing.
They help focus instruction on key skills and knowledge.


What is the connection between standards, goals and objectives?

They make sure instruction is aligned with the state's standards.


What is the purpose of an objective?

They state what the student will DO at the end of instruction to demonstrate they have mastered the content.


Are objectives the same as outcomes?

They differ in the point that outcomes are what will be measured or evaluated, and an objective is the path to get to the outcome or to define the outcome.


What are the major levels of the domains?

Bloom (cognitive): Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evlauate, Create

Karthwohl (Affective): Receiving, Responding, Valuing, Organization, Characterization, Educational objective level

Harrow (Psychomotor): Fundamental movement, Generic movement, Ordinative movement, Creative movement


What is the connection between taxonomies and the domains of learning?

Taxonomies can be used to categorize cognitive, emotional, or psychomotor aspects of your desired learning outcomes in a hierarchical fashion


What is the relationship to student actions (verbs) and domains?

The verbs are key words that help us know where in the domain hierarchy the students actions lie.


What are the 4 parts of writing an objective?

Performance, Product, Condition, Proficiency


Explain the Performance aspect of writing an objective

An observable or measurable action or behavior, written as a verb e.g. list, name, write, draw


Explain the Product aspect of writing an objective

The result of the students performance, e.g. a diagram, quiz, essay


Explain the Condition aspect of writing an objective

The given. With what materials, instructions, prior knowledge, time, etc. e.g. after reading chapter 7, after the powerpoint presentation


Explain the Proficiency aspect of writing an objective

What is the mastery level? e.g. 80% mastery, average 4/5 on the rubric