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Why were the people of Hungary unhappy in 1956?

-The brutal secret police.
-Poor living conditions.
-Their economy was being exploited by the USSR - food and raw materials were being taken.


Who replaced Rakosi as leader of the country?



What did supporters of Nagy do when they saw Soviet tanks and soldiers?

Attacked them – often with homemade bombs.


Why did the USA not want to get involved with the Nagy beef (three reasons)?

-Fear of Nuclear war.
-Hungary was in the Soviet ‘sphere’ of influence.
-The Americans were more occupied with a crisis in Egypt over ownership of the Suez canal.


What was the standard of living like in East Germany?



Why did skilled workers particularly want to leave East Germany?

For better pay and greater freedoms.


What was Khrushchev’s ultimatum over the city of Berlin, issued on the 27th November 1958?

That the allies should leave the city to make it a neutral free city.


Due to the fact that neither the east or the west wanted a war, what took place to try to sort out the issue of Berlin?

The Paris and Vienna Summits.


What major event led to a breakdown in relations during talks in Paris in May 1960?

An American spy plane was shot down in the USSR.


How did US President Kennedy appear tough and determined over Berlin at talks with Khrushchev in Vienna in 1961?

He refused to withdraw western forces from Berlin and increased defence spending.