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When did the Assembly of Notables meet?

How many men were involved?

February 1787

Consisted of 144 men


What ideas were proposed in the Assembly of Notables?

1. Cut spending

2. Raise income from the nobility through a new tax levied on annual land production

3. A direct tax on the church


Who could choose membership of the Assembly?

The King (Louis XVI)

Hoped to appoint members of the third estate to support ideas against the privileged estates


After Calonne was dismissed in April 1787, who was he replaced by?



What was the Estates General?

An assembly which could be called by the King to discuss major political issues.


When was the Assembly of Notables dismissed?

May 1787


Why did the Assembly of Notables fail?

The attack on the privileged status of the nobility was declared unconstitutional


How did Louis XVI try to weaken the parlements?

In May 1788 Louis announced the 'May Edicts' which took the power of registering royal edicts away from the parlements.

Only letting them deal with legal cases.


How did the parlements respond to the May Edicts?

They claimed that there were fundamental laws under threat from a despotic monarch.

Prompted protests from the Clergy and Nobility.


Why did the lower and middle classes unite against the king?

Peasants were tired of paying a feudal tax to the nobility and urban workers resented high taxation.


When did the king summon the Estates General?

May 1789


What were Cahiers de doleances?

List of grievances supplied by various social estates so that the Three Estates could focus their debate for reform.


Why did the Estates General become 'deadlocked'?

Louis XVI allowed the third estate to have equal representation as the first and second estates combined.


When did a group of Third estate deputies declare themselves the 'National Assembly'?

June 17 1789


Why was the date June 20 1789 significant?

The National Assembly was locked out of its meeting place, so they occupied a tennis court and swore the Tennis Court Oath.

The oath meant that they would remain until a new constitution was written.


How did Louis XVI respond to the National Assembly?

He tried to reject the Assembly on June 23.

Huge crows of Parisian supporters of the Assembly persuaded him to back down.

Louis reinstated the popular reforming Controller General Necker.

He instructed the First and Second estate deputies to join the Third Estate in the National Assembly.