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Name the four uses of computers in criminal activity

1. As a target of a crime
2. As the instrument or tool of criminal activity
3. As repositories of evidence and other information
4. As the fruit of criminal activity, or the results of computer operations can be fruit of a crime


What are the four roles of computers as a target of a crime?

1. Embezzlement
2. Espionage (theft of national security data)
3. Terrorism (destruction of critical systems)
4. Software Piracy/theft


What are the four roles of computers as the instrument or tool of criminal activity?

1. Solicitation of minors
2. Electronic stalking
3. Identity theft
4. Credit card scams


What are four types of information stored on computers and other electronic devices?

1. Photographs (pedophilia)
2. Address books
3. Call records
4. Temporary internet files


What are three types of fruit of criminal activity generated from computers?

1. Counterfeit credit cards
2. Computer-generated reports
3. Counterfeited cell phones


What are some electronic devices that may contain evidence?

1. Computers
2. Cell phones
3. PDA's
4. Pagers
5. Laptop Computers
6. Digital Cameras
7. MP3 Players
8. External Storage Devices
9. Bluetooth Interfaces
10. Flash Memory
11. Optical media (CDs, DVDs, Blue-ray Disks)
12. Jaz and Zip Disks
13. Wireless Routers
14. Off-line Storage
15. Networks and Network Servers


What are four ways electronic evidence may be altered or destroyed?

1. Magnets
2. Electro-Static Discharge
3. Extreme temperatures
4. Water


What are some non-electronic related items that may be important in the investigation of an electronic crime?

1. Latent fingerprints
2. DNA samples
3. Trace evidence (fibers, etc.)
4. Software documentation
5. Computer-generated reports
6. Magazines and Letters to tie the subject to the workstation
7. Photographs
8. Address books
9. List of passwords or access codes
10. All notes and paper scraps at the computer workstation


If a computer is off, what should you do?

Leave it off


If a computer is on, what should you do?

Record anything on the computer screen
Pull the plug, battery


What are the four rules for cell phones?

1. leave on or off if on or off,
2. use the faraday bag,
3. bring all cabling and accessories,
4. don't remove from the faraday bay for analysis until in a lab suited for it