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Provide information opinions guidance or orders concerning a particular subject or event . Frequently, self canceling can include next revision to the Directive Manual.

Chief/ Bureau or Detachment Command May issues this document



These are permanent procedural directives which are issued by the chief of police and remain in effect until they are incorporated into the directives manual or rescinded

General Orders


This document generally cover a temporary and self canceling order.

Special Orders
Special orders will remain in effect until canceled by issuing authority . All special order are to be issued by chief or police or by a bureau chief with chiefs approval


Document relates to such personnel actions as appointments, Assignments,transfers, promotions,training , and disciplinary measures .

Personnel Orders
Orders are to be issued by the chief of police or by bureau chief with approval


Memoranda , General Orders, Special Orders , personal orders and training bulletins should be distributed how?

Power DMS and electronically signed for


Will be used for internal communications?
What shall be typed across the top of this document ?

Routing slip

The subject of the official report


Shift supervisor will be responsible for ensuring that all subordinates have read and understand all what document?

Written Directives Manual


Personnel may obtain copies of the E -Manual by downloading from the police Intranet

Electronic manual


Commanders of all units detachments programs and team shall review and update what document annually?
When is the updated document submitted to the budget and planing division?

(SOP) Standard Operation Procedures.
Revisions or changes due March 31