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Before a BSO makes any disclosure of information, what must he do (except in certain specific situations)?

Seek approval from their Superintendent


What section of the Customs Act governs the access, use and disclosure of customs information?

Section 107 of the Customs Act


What section of he Privacy Act governs the disclosure of personal information

Section 8


What sections of federal law and CBSA policy are instrumental in guiding the disclosure of information at the border?

-Section 107 of the Customs Act
-Section 8 of the Privacy Act
-Policy Guidelines and the Disclosure of Customs information


What are the two types of information BSOs will use to perform their duties?

Personal and non-personal information


Should you ALWAYS seek approval from your Superintendent before disclosing any personal information?

Yes, as a good measure


When is the only time a BSO may make a disclosure of information without the approval of their Superintendent?

When the BSO believes that the disclosure is regarded as urgently necessary to protect:
-The life, health and safety of an individual, or the environment of Canada and any other country or
-The national security or defence of Canada


If the Superintendent gives approval to disclose personal information what other approval must a BSO get?

One must get the approval of the person to whom the information relates


If a decision is made to disclose information, what principle applies?

The need-to-know principle.
Only disclose the minimum information that is required and not more.
Do co-workers need to know etc.


What is an ATIP request?

A request for information under the Access to Information Act and Privacy Act


Who can make an ATIP request?

-All Canadian citizens
-Permanent residents
-Individuals present in Canada
-Corporations present in Canada

Basically ANYONE!


If the ATIP office requests a copy of your Officer Notebook or any other document what must you do?

Provide the required documentation within the required time