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Who reserves the right to amend, supplement, or rescind any provisions of the discrimination prevention policy handbook?

Board of fire commissioners


Any questions concerning the discrimination prevention policy should be directed to the _______ or the Fire Commission Office

Professional Standards Division's EEO Unit


______ is treating an individual differently in any employment practice or decision which intentionally or unintentionally results in unequal treatment on the basis of the individual's membership in a protected class



_____ is generally defined as unsolicited and/or unwelcome verbal or physical conduct directed to an individual based on membership in a protected class.



_____ is a work atmosphere contaminated by a pattern of offensive and unwelcome conduct directed at an individual's protected class status.

Hostile environment


Examples of an action that may create hostile environment based on sexual harassment include negative comments regarding an individual's age when referring to people ____ and over



_____ activities are defined as any action taken or situation created in the workplace, which causes or is likely to cause bodily danger, physical harm, or personal degradation or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm to another member



Hazing could be activities that disrupt a person's normal schedule. A normal schedule includes how many reasonably spaced meals per day?



Complaints of hazing will be promptly investigated by the ______ Division

Professional Standards Division


A member who believes he or she has been discriminated against or harassed shall report the situation to who?

Their supervisor


Supervisors receiving a complaint for discrimination or harassment shall immediately report and record findings to the _______

Complaint Tracking System.

Supervisors may also consult with Professional Standards Division or the Professional Standard Division's EEO Unit for guidance


True or False?

Even if the member claims they do not want a discrimination or harassment situation documented, supervisors must enter the complaint into the Complaint Tracking System



True or False?
If a non-supervisory member receives information about alleged discrimination or sexual harassment in confidence from another peer-level member, he or she IS required to disclose that information to a supervisor


He or she is encouraged but is NOT required to disclose that information to a supervisor


What are the 5 ways Fire Department members can report discrimination or harassment?

1) complaint tracking system (CTS)
2) immediate supervisor
3) Fire chief and/or Fire commissioners
4) Any chief officer or supervisor
5) EEO Coordinator


The _____ Coordinator coordinates investigations into complaints of sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation and hazing.



In addition to LAFD Discrimination Procedures, The City's Discrimination Complaint Procedure gives City employees the right to file a discrimination complaint with the City's ______ Commission

Civil Service


Complaints under the City's Discrimination Complaint Procedure (Not LAFD Procedures) must be filed within how many years of the most recent alleged act of discrimination?

Within 1 year


If the complainant does not receive satisfactory resolution of the complaint of discrimination/harassment or does not believe it can be adequately handled at the department level, he or she may submit a discrimination complaint in writing to the Office of ______.

Office of Discrimination Complaint Resolution (ODCR)


The _____ investigates discrimination complaints filed with the City's Civil Service Commission.

Office of Discrimination Complaint Resolution (ODCR)


_____ harassment is generally defined as unsolicited, unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature directed at a person of the same or of the opposite sex



What are two types of sexual harassment?

• quid pro quo harassment

• hostile work environment harassment


What type of sexual harassment?
_____ harassment occurs when submission to or rejection of unwelcome sexual conduct is used to make an employment decision affecting the complainant, resulting in some tangible injury to the complainant

Quid pro quo


Besides filling a complaint within LAFD procedures, a member who believes he or she was sexually harassed may choose to file a complaint through the Personnel Department's Citywide _______ Counselor.

Personnel Department's Citywide Sexual Harassment Counselor.

The Counselor can also make preliminary efforts to resolve concerns before a formal complaint is initiated


Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), is an alcoholic a person with a disability?



_______ accommodation is any modification or adjustment to a job, an employment practice, or the work environment that makes it possible for a qualified individual with a disability to experience equal employment opportunity



The LAFD's _________ Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the Department complies with ADA and FEHA laws. This coordinator is assigned to the Fire Department's Personnel Services Section.

Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator


A member requesting an accommodation due to a disability should simultaneously notify the Supervisor or Commanding Officer and the ______ Coordinator.

Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator


Requests for Reasonable Accommodation Forms should be on a Fire Department F-____ and sent via Interdepartmental Mail marked "Confidential"


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