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A ski house in VT with a record player with show tunes and classics.

Retro skis on the walls, grandma Mary's ski poles, large dinners, friends visiting and fun traditions.


A grand sailboat for exploring and racing.

Weekends across the sound. Pulling up to a dock for a nice dinner. Exploring Maine and Nantucket.


Date night and meeting up with friends

Having Christie happy


Vacations in cool places--islands, ski resorts, scuba diving, climbing and exploring far away countries.

A house in Old Greenwich with a big kitchen and grand gardens and a great big porch.


Witness says— Gregg is respected in his industry as one of the best--most knowledgeable, professional, most fun to work with, most trusted.

A leader in his community -- at his church, in civic roles.


A great husband and father. Calm, steady, strong and a good provider.

Giving his children opportunities to learn about the world, develop expertise, be well mannered, confident, articulate and self directed.


A builder of business. Growing it, developing it. Funds management, advisory business, principal investing, developing, creating solutions.

Helping downtowns maintain their character and staying vital.


Putting a second floor on the Cos Cob library.

Putting more trees back into our towns. Reducing suburban sprawl.


Eating healthy and teaching our kids healthy habits.

Gregg has beat his screen addiction and is focusing on reality not VR.


Being the cool dad.

Happening, popular, affluent, debt free and investing wisely. Giving my kids the best things—piano, cool boat, cool trips. Frequent user of BHC, date nights, out w friends, social, communal.


Gregg finds the deals. He brings in the business. He gets the deal closed.

He is out there and moves fast. He is everywhere. We is the ‘go to’ guy.