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What's the 'Useful Field of Vision' assessment?

Assesses ability to visually scan info using CENTRAL and PERIPHERAL vision and to process info quickly


What's the "Symbol Digit Modalities Test'?

Measures divided attention
Quickly screens for organic cerebral dysfunction in both children and adults


'Trail Making Test'

-Measures visual search speed, scanning, speed of processing, mental flexibility, as well as executive functioning

-Sensitive to detecting cognitive impairments associated with dementia


'Letter cancellation test'

Measures visual scanning and selective attention


"Motor Free Visual Perceptual Test'

Assesses ability to visually identify forms/objects from incomplete presentations


Michon's Hierarchy of Driving

Categorizes driver's behaviors into


Why are OTs suited to assess a client's fit to drive?

-Able to extrapolate beyond walls of clinic to consider clients will function in the community
-Assessing driving is no different from considering whether they're fit to live alone


'Fitness-to-Drive Screening Measure'

Caregivers rate the driving ability of client


'Driving Habits Questionnaire'

Assesses driving history and driving habits


'SAFER Driving'

Self-assessment tool completed by driver


Describe a closed route on-road evaluation

Areas not used, like vacated or limited access parking lots.


What areas does a closed route on-road evaluation focus on?

1. Knowledge of vehicle features (mirrors, seat belts, etc)
2. Vehicle control at slow speeds (steering, breaking)


Describe a open road with a fixed route on-road evaluation

Neighborhood streets and intersections with natural traffic and pedestrian use


Describe naturalistic and instrumented vehicle on road evaluations

Driving occurs under real-world conditions with data collected through video feeds


What assessment is available for caregivers, family and practitioners to give to screen at- risk older drivers for their fitness to drive?

Fitness to Drive Screening Measure


What does the SAFER Driving: The Enhanced Driving Decisions Workbook help people do?

Helps clients look at their driving knowledge and skill in relation to their health conditions and medications


What is strategic driving in Michon's Hierarchy of Driving Behavior?

It is the highest level

Decision making to determine trip goals, mode of travel, and navigating or mapping routes


What is the tactical level in Michon's Hierarchy of Driving Behavior?

The second level of the hierarchy

Making decisions made during driving maneuvers including making left-hand turns or slowing to pass a vehicle


What is the operational level in Michon's Hierarchy of Driving Behavior?

The lowest level of the hierarchy

Involves making decisions to control the vehicle safely by executing the necessary visual-motor or coordination skills


What is the difference between a variable and fixed route for a behind the wheel assessment?

A fixed route is more occupation centered because the person can drive to all places that are meaningful to them (Home to grocery store, church, etc)