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STRENGTH: BZs have high quality research evidence shows they are effective

-In a randomised controlled trial half the participants take a placebo (identical, no effect) - knowing you are taking a drug that has positive effects (placebo effect)
-A recent review of high quality RCT studies by Baldwin et al concluded there is good evidence that BZs are significantly more effective than placebo in treating acute anxiety
-This suggests that BZs are effective in treating the main psychological component of stress


STRENGTH: BBs have research evidence shows they are effective

-Kelly concluded that BBs are effective for treating everyday anxieties associated with public speaking and exam nerves
-BBs are also useful for people with social anxiety disorder in which fear of speaking in public is a major stressor. This is because BBs reduce arousal and prevent further anxiety developing.
-Studies consistently demonstrate BBs are an effective treatment for physical symptoms of stress but may be even more useful combined with other drugs such as BZs


LIMITATION: Drug therapy only treats symptoms

-Drug therapy focuses on reducing symptoms of stress (anxiety) and gives patient short term relief
-Drug therapy does not attempt to treat root causes of stress so are inappropriate for chronic stressors
-Long term drug therapy for chronic stress may do more harm than good so psychological therapy might be more suitable