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Name 3 reasons why performers may take PED’s

1. Feel as if all competitors are
2. Physiological reasons
3. Psychological reasons
4. Accidentally taken through medication
5. State sponsored doping
6. Don’t fully understand the side effects
7. Desire to win at all costs mentality


Name 2 consequences of taking PED’s to society

1. Breaking the law
2. Negative publicity of a nation


Name 2 consequences of PED’s to sport

1. Bad publicity
2. Bad role modelling
3. Untrustworthy/meaningless results


Name 2 consequences of using PED’s to performers

1. Improved performance
2. Bans/disqualifications/fines
3. Psychological effects
4. Physiological effects


Name 3 strategies used to prevent the use of PED’s in sport

1. Stricter punishments
2. Continues investment into drug research to find new drugs on drug tests
3. Educate performers and coaches on the effects
4. Use clean role models to promote sport
5. Have a clean and unclean competition


Name 3 causes of violence in sport

1. Frustration/anger
2. Gamesmanship
3. Pressure to win
4. Provocation/abuse
5. Rivalry
6. Drugs/steroids/alcohol


Name 2 causes of violence from participants

1. Implements that can be used as weapons
2. Violent nature of a game
3. Emotions
4. De-humanising clothing can cause violent acts


Named 2 causes of violence from spectators

1. Poor spectator provision
2. Peer pressure
3. Violence on pitch
4. Sporting hooligans


Name 2 implications of violence in sport top society

1. Taxes increase to pay for the additional policing
2. Violence can be seen as entertaining


Name 2 implementations of violence in sport to sport itself

1. Bad role modelling
2. Bad publicity


Name 2 implementations of violence in sport to performers

1. Injury which can impact fitness
2. Can damage an individuals reputation


Name 3 strategies to prevent violence amongst participants

1. Stricter punishments
2. Change/adapt rules to make violent nature less prominent
3. Better quality officials
4. Educate fair play
5. Psychological management


Name 3 strategies that can be used to prevent violence amongst spectators

1. Separate opposing fans
2. Less hyped up sporting events by the media as increase excitement
3. Alcohol bans
4. Stricter punishments
5. Increase policing/security


Name 2 reasons why sport is a target for gambling

1. Unpredictable
2. Can become more entertaining


Define match fixing

When sports competition is played at a pre determined result. It is illegal and requires communication between players, officials and managers


Define bribery

Paying an individual or a group of individuals to fix a sporting event


What is illegal sports betting

Placing a bet with an unlicensed booker


Name 2 reasons for illegal sports betting

1. Better odds
2. Illegal in some countries


Name 2 consequences of illegal sports betting

1. No guaranteed payout as illegal so can’t complain to police
2. Can be dangerous people who can harm you and people close to you


Define spot betting

When a specific aspect of a sporting competition is illegally pre determined