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What does anticipatory guidance mean?

Clinician provides patient specific education by anticipating upcoming changes or needs of the patient


What are the normal glucose ranges for:

Preprandial glucose

Postprandial glucose


Preprandial - <100

Postprandial - <140

HbA1C - 4-6%


In general, a Type 2 diabetic should check capillary sugar ____ daily and blood sugar upon ____

In general, a Type 2 diabetic should check capillary sugar once daily and blood sugar upon waking


Steps to using a glucometer (8)

  1. Wash hands with soap and water, dry completely
  2. Insert lancet into device and set depth correctly
  3. Verify test strips are w/in expiration period and insert into monitor
  4. Stick side of finger
  5. Allow blood to wick into the strip without touching
  6. Apply pressure with cotton ball or gauze at site to stop bleeding
  7. Record reading with date and time to take to doctor
  8. Dispose of lancets in the proper container, not in the trash directly


Why should lancets be stuck in the side of a diabetic's finger?

Fewer nerve endings on the side, may help decrease pain sensation


How often should diabetics examine their feet?

Once daily


It's in important to make sure your diabetic patients always wear ___


Make sure they fit properly, don't pinch or rub when they walk


What should you tell your patients to examine when doing a daily foot exam? (5)

  1. Nails trimmed neatly
  2. Look at all skin areas
  3. Monitor for calluses and corns, signs of thickening
  4. Feet should feel warm to touch
  5. Hair over joints is a sign of good circulaton


What are the required components of a physician's diabetic foot exam?

Inspection (all surfaces)


Protective sensations (monofilament and vibration)

Reflexes at the ankle


What are the 3 main types of carbs?





What should you educate your diabetic patient on for eating a healthy diet?

Educate on types of carbs

Get enough protein while limiting red meat, cholesterol

Healthy fats

1/2 of plate w/ non-starchy veggies

Eat regularly